Bali Eats: Ku de Ta, Seminyak

Being one of the most-raved sunset watching spot, how does Ku de Ta fare in term of its food? First thing first, you must be prepared to pay. Well the good news is, at least you are paying in Indonesian Rupiah (which tend to be weak to well..sadly most of the major currencies in the world).

Right. Anyway. Let's start with the complimentary bread from the house.

Kudeta Bali Complimentary Bread

Please forgive my lousy photography skill (not that I'm improving a lot now). I believe the meat hidden behind the crunchy looking toast is grilled fish. XD

Grilled Fish at Kudeta Seminyak Bali Island

Mushroom and edamame risotto. I love risotto but my mum does not seem to appreciate this dish very much because it's pretty much creamy. 

Mushroom and Edamame Risotto Kudeta Seminyak Bali Island

Since Kudeta is a bar and all, of course it's a must to try their cocktails. Mojito - Red Cocktail - Pina Colada. I forgot the name of the red cocktail. #fail

And of course, there's always room for dessert. Hello there, my dear tiramisu. 

A cup of tiramisu at Kudeta Seminyak Bali Island

I still remember that the total bill comes to more than Rp 1 million. Hmm, which now that I think of it, it's equivalent to SGD105, which is not bad considering there are three people eating the food. Oh gosh, I guess Rupiah is really that weak, huh? =P

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