Hotel Review: Sunrise at Grand Aston Bali Resort, Tanjong Benoa

Sunrise and sunset are those moments that we will definitely enjoy when we have our beach vacation. And my mum, being a morning-person, woke me up with gusto at 6AM. Yawn~

Sunrise at Aston Tanjong Benoa swimming pool Bali Island

Due to my few minutes of snooze (I am not a morning person.), the sun has risen this much when I reached the beach. XD

Sunrise in Bali at Tanjong Benoa Beach

White flower surrounded by sands. #randomfind

Bali sandy beach sunrise

Bathed under the warmth sunlight.

Sunrise Tanjong Benoa Beach Bali Island

A row of white umbrellas. 

White umbrella beach Aston Tanjong Benoa Bali Island

Even if you are not a morning person, you should not miss Bali's sunrise. You can go back to bed after that or better, make a dash to the breakfast buffet. #pampertummy

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