Spring in Taiwan: Ice Lantern Festival at Taichung, Taiwan

I always want to go to Harbin one day but the cold freezing temperature kinda make me reluctant to go. Hahaha. #tropicalcreature

Well, if you happen to be in Taiwan, you can visit Taichung because they do have ice sculptures exhibition as part of their lantern festival this year.

Taichung Ice Lantern Festival Taiwan
Colorful ice fort. 

Colorful ice fort in Taichung Lantern Festival Taiwan
Octopus lantern is resting on an ice block. 

Octopus lantern Taichung lantern festival Taiwan
Anyone feeling a drink or two? 

Ice bar at Taichung Lantern Festival Taiwan
If you have a case of bladder emergency, do note that we only have an icy toilet bowl here. You are warned! =P

Icy toilet bowl at Taichung Lantern Festival
Make sure you wear enough layer as the temperature will be even colder when you are surrounded by ice sculptures. The festival will run until 15 March 2015. Go quickly!

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