Jakarta Eats: Kiyadon Sushi, Central Park Mall

Just like in Singapore and Taiwan, Japanese food are popular amongst Indonesian too. For instance, shopping malls in Jakarta mostly have Japanese restaurant in it. Since we have tried Sushi Tei last time (see post), now we are going to try the other popular Japanese restaurant chain, Kiyadon Sushi.

The sushi here comes in a boat. And the conveyer belt really have water to make it looks like river. Creative or too much? =P

Kiyadon Sushi Conveyer Belt Sushi Jakarta
Some Indonesians don't really appreciate raw stuff (including me, I can only enjoy raw salmon), so I really appreciate the art of cooked-sushi here. And yes, they put a lot of sauce on the sushi. Fattening sushi, this one. XD

Salmon Aburi Mayo Sushi Roll Kiyadon Sushi Jakarta
Let's eat some veggies...drenched in sauce. No sauce no yum. #ehwait

Japanese Salad Kiyadon Sushi Central Park Jakarta
Salmon mayo hand roll. More sauces oh my gawd. #nowonderigainweight #butitsyummy

Salmon mayo hand roll Kiyadon Sushi Central Park Mall
And since my mum does not really eat sushi, we shared a bowl of beef curry don. Not bad in terms of taste. 

Kiyadon Sushi Beef Curry Don
If you would like to try eating at Kiyadon Sushi, you can visit their restaurant at major shopping malls in Jakarta e.g. Central Park Mall, Mal Taman Anggrek or Senayan City. 

Which one do you prefer? Kiyadon Sushi or Sushi Tei? 

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