Jakarta Eats: May Star Restaurant, Central Park Mall

You don't have to go to Hong Kong to eat a delicious dim sum if you happen to be in Jakarta. May Star Restaurant serves a yummy one too and it is always a test of patient to eat dim sum there on a weekend morning.

Few dishes that we tried included:

1. Fried Turnip with Egg (Yum but a bit oily)

Fried turnip may star restaurant central park mall
2. Deep fried yam ball (oh yeay, another fried stuff, fried means yummy)

Deep fried yam ball may star restaurant central park mall
3. Fried mantou (I tell you, we are fried food lover. But who can say no to fried mantou?)

Fried mantou may star restaurant central park mall
4. Hmm, okay the next item looks funky but I forgot the official name for this dish. Fried golden hair prawn ball

Fried golden hair prawn meatball may star restaurant
5. Fried shrimp dumpling 

Fried shrimp dumpling may star restaurant central park mall
Okay, I think we covered quite a number of fried dim sum dishes here. I'll make sure I order the steamed ones next round. Hahaha. 

For your information, May Star Restaurants are located at Central Park Mall and Emporium Pluit in Jakarta. 

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