Jakarta Eats: Nanny's Pavillon, Central Park Mall

It seems just yesterday that I met my high school friend who is currently working faraway in the US. But now he's waiting for his green card and hence, stuck in the US until don't-know-when.

Okay, before the post digresses further, this US friend and I decided to catch up when both of us were in Jakarta at Nanny's Pavillon at Central Park Mall. This cozy cafe is located right next to Starbucks at Sogo department store.

Nanny's Pavillon Central Park Mall Jakarta
The menu looks like some old newspaper. I suppose retro is cool nowadays. Nanny's Pavillon offers both savoury and sweet items on its menu. 

I had my usual cafe mocha, which is basically the only type of coffee that I can endure (other than latte with added sugar). 

Nanny's Pavillon Cafe Mocha
We shared one of the trademark items at Nanny's Pavillon, Linda's Peanut Caramel Butter Roll Pancake. Okay, the name is a mouthful but this dish is super yummy. Eat it with caution though as it guarantees a trip to the gym. 

Nanny's Pavillon Linda Peanut Caramel Butter Roll Pancake
If you happen to be in Jakarta, you can visit Nanny's Pavillon at Central Park Mall. 

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