Jakarta Eats: Penang Bistro, Central Park Mall

Wanna try Penang delicacies without actually travelling to Penang? No fret, you can try Penang Bistro at Central Park Mall (well if you are not Indonesian staying in Jakarta, I guess you may need to fly after all. XD).

Penang Bistro Menu Central Park Mall
The atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty nice especially if you can get the table near to the windows. The view outside? Hmm, Jakarta's traffic I guess? 

Penang Bistro at Central Park Mall
A glass of refreshing lime squash is the best for Jakarta's hot weather. Despite the fact that I am inside a mall which is air-conditioned. =P

Lime drink Penang Bistro Central Park Mall
This is one of the best dish (according to me and my mum) in Penang Bistro, Mango Chicken. 

Mango chicken Penang Bistro Central Park Mall
To add some greens to our meal, we ordered a bowl of Ebi String Bean. Taste okay but I prefer my meat. #carnivore

Ebi String Bean Penang Bistro Central Park Mall
Another famous item in Penang Bistro is its Roti Canai Beef Curry. Which is apparently listed under Appetizer (I thought it's one of the mains). Perfect for sharing.

Roti Canai Beef Curry Penang Bistro Central Park Mall
Penang Bistro also sells dishes like Penang mee goreng, nasi lemak and fried kway teow. It's located at level 1 of Central Park Mall in Jakarta. Do pop by if you are interested for some roti canai.

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