Singapore Cafe: Flor Patisserie, Duxton Hill

Japanese cakes are popular in Singapore. And to eat the best ones, you must be willing to venture out. Haha, okay I suppose the term "venture out" in Singapore means you must walk a bit further from the MRT.

Today, we are going to eat Japanese cakes at one of famous cafes in Duxton Hill, Flor Patisserie.

Flor Patisserie Duxton Hill Singapore
A slice of wakakusyama (S$7.60), anyone? If you ask me what's the translation of "wakusyama", I guess it's a matcha roll cake? 

Wakakusyama Flor Patisserie Duxton Hill
I chose a slice of Berry Berries (S$6.40). 

Berry Berries Flor Patisserie Duxton Hill
Is it just my tastebud or Japanese cakes feel very light? Does that mean Japanese cakes are not that fattening? #wistfulthinking

I love to pair my cakes with a cuppa of tea. =)

A cup of tea Flor Patisserie Duxton Hill Singapore
Other than sliced cakes and whole cakes, Flor Patisserie sells a gift cookie pack too. Ideas for birthday gifts?

Flor Patisserie is located at Duxton Hill. You can walk there from Tanjong Pagar MRT (see the map below). 

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