Singapore Cafe: Spinelli, Wheelock Place

If you find that Orchard area is too crowded on a weekend, you may want to try visiting Orchard on a weekday afternoon. It feels so blissful. But, we can't do this often if we need to sustain life by doing a 9 to 6 (often later than 6) job, can we?

One fine weekday afternoon, we decided to try out Spinelli because see the number of empty seats. Feels so happy being able to get a seat so easily.

Spinelli Wheelock Place on weekday afternoon

My friend's drink, a cup of hot latte.

Spinelli Cafe Latte Wheelock Place Orchard Singapore

And my order of iced mocha. See the amount of chocolate they put inside. I don't mind it one bit because I am a sissy-coffee-drinker. Hahaha. 

Iced Coffee Mocha Spinelli Wheelock Place Orchard

The drink really becomes a fuel for though "do I need to hit the gym later to shed the chocolate that I drink?" XD

Spinelli has a lot of branches in Singapore but the one that we went is located at Wheelock Place, Orchard. Do pop by on a weekday if you want to enjoy a moment of peace. =P

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