Singapore Eats: Insadong Korea Town, Resorts World Sentosa

Korean wave is still pretty strong after all these years. Riding this wave, Resorts World Sentosa ("RWS") has opened its own version of Korea Town called Insadong Korea Town.

Insadong Korea Town at Resorts World Sentosa
Insadong Korea Town is basically a food court selling all kind of Korean food. It is decorated with all Korean words and goodies too to get the Korean feel. 

Insadong Korea Town RWS Setting
How to order the food in Insadong Korea Town? Well, it's all self-service here. Simply go to one of the available self-order kiosk to make your order. 

Insadong Korea Town RWS Self Order Kiosk Machine
The menu will be displayed on the screen. It sells all kind of Korean food from bibimbap to kimchi fried rice to ramyeon. After you made payment, the machine will issue a receipt and then you can pass it to the collection point to collect your food once it is ready. 

Insadong Korean Town Sentosa Menu
While waiting, my friend and I were looking at the painted wall. Not many people at that time yet so our food were ready within a few minutes. 

Seating at Insadong Korea Town Resorts World Sentosa
Our food are ready. First one is jajangmyeon (black bean sauced noodle). 

Insadong Korea Town Resorts World Sentosa Black Bean Noodle
And the other dish is ddeokbokki (rice cake).

Insadong Korea Town Resorts World Sentosa Ddeokbokki
While both dishes cannot beat the real taste in Korea, I suppose they are edible. I don't think I will go back here though considering it's located at Waterfront and a trip from Vivo City to Waterfront costs me SGD3.00. 

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