Singapore Eats: Mexout, Far East Square

I initially thought having Mexican food for lunch is impossible. This is because I only know which place selling chicken rice near my office, but not nachos or burritos. Hahaha.

Until my friend brought me to Mexout. But ironically, she brought me here at dinner time. Because we have a near-meltdown situation at our office earlier around lunch time. #worksucks #butitpaysthebills

Mexout Far East Square
There are 3 steps in ordering food at Mexout. First, you need to pick the base, and then the main fillings and lastly, the salsas (the sauce I suppose). 

Mexout Far East Square Menu
While waiting, we are looking around at the restaurant's design. Quite hipster? Is that the word that these restaurants use nowadays? Hahaha. 

Mexout Restaurant Far East Square
Not really having much experience in eating Mexican food, I ordered the safest choice of tacos. Aren't tacos supposed to be cripsy? Mine is not crispy and kinda cold. Don't really like it. =(

Mexout Far East Square Tacos
My friend ordered the rice bowl with added guacamole (i.e. that avocado thingy on top). Hers taste better than mine. 

Mexout Guacamole Rice Bowl Far East Square
Everything taste better with a glass of margarita though. If you order their margaritas at happy hour (5pm - 8pm), it will cost you S$10.00. Not bad, I think? #seldomdrink #blamethewallet

Mexout Far East Square Margarita
Mexout is located at Far East Square, alongside the Quiznos row. I should probably try their nachos next time. =)

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