Singapore Eats: Peperoni Pizzeria, Suntec City

Yes, I know I am in Singapore but I can't help it, I really want to eat pizza and not chicken rice or laksa. Do I have to go to Pizza Hut? Please tell me that I don't have to go to Pizza Hut (not that Pizza Hut is bad or anything, but we can easily find Pizza Hut at any corner of the world).

Oh ya, I have not really answered the question. XD

You can go to Peperoni Pizzeria. Ta-dahh.

Peperoni Pizzeria Suntec City Menu

Other than the main branch at Zion Road, they have opened another branch at Suntec City Mall. I like the idea because it is so much easier to reach Suntec than Zion Road. The place looks fine too. Although it can be kinda cramped for some people. 

Peperoni Pizzeria Suntec City Mall
You can mix two type of pizza. We opted for Pancetta (bottom) and Margherita (top). Pancetta consists of cured bacon, sliced tomatoes and egg while Margherita consists of mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil and oregano. 

peperoni pizzeria pancetta and margheritta
Since we came on Friday night, there'a a beer promotion. Be..e...r... #callmehomer

Peperoni PIzzeria Beer Promotion Hoegaarden
Peperoni Pizzeria serves dinner too. We opted for my friend's favourite chocolate souffle served with vanilla ice cream. This dessert cannot go wrong (so far). 

Peperoni Pizzeria Chocolate Souffle Vanilla Ice Cream
Peperoni Pizzeria is located at the fountain of wealth circle (Suntec City's basement).  They don't accept reservation so be prepared to queue at popular timings.

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