Singapore Eats: Pork Knuckle and Sausage Fest at Brotzeit, The Star Vista

Once upon a weekend, we celebrated someone's birthday in a small town in Germany. Where the only lingo is bier, bier and more bier.....

Brotzeit Draft Beers

...okay, fine. We are in Singapore. To be exact, in a German restaurant called Brotzeit in the Star Vista. I did not make the bier-fest up. Hehe.

Brotzeit sells a number of German beers where the only way to taste the difference is by ordering them all and taste them one by one. Or alternatively, you can just read the description in the menu. Hahaha.

Other than the famous draft beers, Brotzeit is also famous for its sausage and pork knuckle platter. One thing for sure, it's humongous. Sharing is caring, people! #especiallywhenthefoodishuge

Brotzeit Pork Knuckle Sausage Platter
It comes with the fries too. The thin one. 

Thin Cut Fries Brotzeit The Star Vista
And its fatter sister, potato wedges. 

Potato Wedges Brotzeit The Star Vista Singapore
In the effort to make this sinful meal a balanced diet, we shared a bowl of salad. Better is a little green than none at all. 

Caesar salad Brotzeit The Star Vista Singapore
But since it was a birthday celebration, it must end with a birthday cake. This is the strawberry short cake from Four Leaves. Oh right, Brotzeit allows its customers to bring in cake (I suppose it is because Brotzeit does not serve cake). =)
Four Leaves Singapore Strawberry Shortcake
If you want to celebrate your birthday (or simply dine in) at Brotzeit, the restaurant has a number of branches all around Singapore e.g. Vivo City, Somerset 313 and Raffles City. 

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