Singapore Eats: Symmetry Cafe, Bugis

One hot Monday afternoon. Public holiday. Cafe-hunting is in progress.  Stumbled upon the words "Music Food Coffee Wine". Make a stop.

Symmetry Cafe Jalan Kubor Singapore
Welcomed by Jack Skellington and Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas. But they told us (or rather, the Ipad told us) that the cafe is currently full and hence, we need to wait for 30 minutes. =(

Symmetry Cafe Nightmare Before Christmas Bugis
Symmetry Cafe will give you a call when your table is ready so meanwhile, you can explore the surrounding area like this Haji Lane, an alley full of shophouses selling unique stuff.

Haji Lane Bugis Singapore
30 minutes later, we got our seats. Al-fresco nonetheless but I guess the weather is not that bad on that day to sit outside. Started with truffle fries, my friend current-fetish. 

Symmetry Cafe Truffle Fries
Recently, we have a habit of skipping mains for two desserts. Crazy sweet tooth, we are. But Symmetry Cafe's waffle is really yummy. I think this is a must-order-dish on Symmetry Cafe's menu.

Symmetry Cafe Waffle Bugis Singapore
On top of the waffle, we ordered a slice of strawberry cheesecake. The taste is kinda under-whelmed by the waffles. Hahaha.

Strawberry Cheesecake at Symmetry Cafe Singapore
To reach Symmetry Cafe, you need to go via Exit B (the one leading to Raffles Hospital). Walk to the Raffles Hospital direction and keep on going straight, passing the hospital. After the crossing, continue going straight until you see the green windows just like in the first picture above.

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