Singapore Travel: A romantic evening stroll at Robertson Quay

Being known as the most laidback quays along the Singapore does make Robertson Quay famous amongst expats in Singapore. And despite the lack of money to support our expat-lifestyle, we visited Robertson Quay, simply fueled by our curiosity. XD

Robertson Quay dining area Singapore
Okay, one glance at this posh area makes me wish I live here. This area looks so European. Oh, if you are wondering, the pink building is a serviced apartment called Fraser Place Robertson Walk.

Fraser Place Robertson Walk Singapore
Do you see the clock tower? Okay, it ain't Prague Clock Tower but I guess it's European enough, no?

Robertson Walk Clock Tower Singapore
There's even a bridge with some kind of retro road lamp. 

Robertson Walk European Bridge Singapore
You can definitely considering Robertson Quay as your dating place. A romantic evening stroll here, anyone?

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