Spring in Taiwan: 2015 Taichung Lantern Festival

Happy year of goat!!! Uhm, what? Is the celebration over yet? I hope you are not sick of the goats yet, because they are still spotted all around in Taichung. Baaaa~~~ (wait, are they sheep or goat? Uhh never mind, they are one family anyway, I guess?)

Sheep Lantern in Taichung Taiwan
Superheroes Sheep. 

superheroes sheep lantern taichung taiwan
Totoro is here too. 

Totoro Lantern Taichung Lantern Festival Taiwan
Kuramon? Olaf? Piglet? Everybody is joining the fun it seems. 

Olaf and Piglet Lantern Taichung Lantern Festival Taiwan
Carl and Ellie from Disney's UP has landed in Taichung too. Their house is right behind them. 

Disney Up Lantern Taichung Lantern Festival Taiwan
A parade of colorful sheeps. 

A parade of colorful sheeps Taichung Lantern Festival Taiwan
If you want to see more sheeps, you can go visit Taichung as the festival will run until 15 March 2015. 

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