Taipei Eats: 7-11's Sushi Roll

7-11 has a very important existence in Taiwanese' daily life. And I really understand this because after stepping my feet on Taiwan, I don't know why but I always visits 7-11 on daily basis. LOL.

Especially if I am pressed for time or can't decide of what to eat, or lazy to walk further just to buy meal, I will just pop by 7-11 and grab whatever deal they have.

One the yummy deal is usually their sushi roll!

Taiwan 7-11 Sushi Roll
There are two types of roll inside one package. The blue package contains kani roll sushi and tamago roll sushi. 

7-11 Taiwan Sushi Roll Lunch Deal
There other package (orange if I'm not wrong), contains floss roll sushi. Hahaha only Taiwanese put floss inside their sushi. I kinda like it though. =P

7-11 Floss Sushi Roll

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