Taipei Eats: Saladay, Taipei 101

You will seldom hear people want to eat salad when they visit Taipei. But after months of eating a lot of fried stuff and yummy meat, I kinda crave for salad. And lazy to make one myself. Then I stumbled upon Saladay.

Saladay Salad Box and Drinks
Saladay sells salad box which is perfect for lazy people like me (who don't even use plates at home). 

Salad boxes Saladay Taipei 101
Saladay Caesar Salad for dinner. Yum!

Saladay Caesar Salad Box Taipei 101
It may not be healthy but it was sure the healthiest food I ate during my stay in Taipei. LOL. 

Caesar Salad at Saladay Taipei 101 Taiwan

Saladay is located at the basement of Taipei 101. It's near the food court.

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