Taiwan Eats: Cup noodle at convenience store

吃幾碗的泡麵? How many instant noodles bowls have you eaten? 

Whenever I am not so concerned about my health (those days exist!), I love eating instant noodles. I don't know what kind of flavouring that the Taiwanese use in their instant noodle package but it works (in terms of taste but no idea about health content). 

Best place to eat instant noodle? Convenience store, of course. Like this huge 7-11 that I randomly found around Gongguan. Huge convenience store means more seats inside. Plus wifi. Tee-hee.

7-11 Taiwan Gongguan
Oh, say hi to 7-11's mascot (which I don't know the name).

Taiwan 7-11 Mascot
Today, we are going to try AQ (阿Q) cup noodle. Based on the picture I think the taste should be BBQ pork? =P

阿Q Cup Noodle 7-11 Taiwan
3 minutes later. Hmm this one looks kinda plain. And empty.

Taiwan cup noodle 711
The garlic taste in the broth is quite strong. It's edible but I would rather eat different flavor. 

Taiwan Cup Noodle Variety
There's always deal going on about cup noodles. Sometimes, you can get one at 17NTD only. Crazy, eh? Better don't eat this everyday for your health sake. Hahaha.

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