Taiwan Eats: IJY Sheng Bakery, Taipei

On the way from my house (near Taipower Building Power MRT Station) to Shida (NTNU), there is this bakery called IJY Sheng. You will not miss it because their display is big and their signage is bright purple. Since I walk pass it everyday, obviously that is where I often buy my bread from.

How good are IJY Sheng's breads? Well, we will find out bread by bread. XD

1. Pizza bread

Not bad especially when you feel like eating pizza without the need to buy 1 whole pan. Hahaha.

IJY Sheng Pizza Bread Taipei
2. Ham and Cheese Toast Sandwich

I found this kind of bread sold in Singapore too. The taste is pretty similar but I suppose the price tag in Taipei is cheaper than Singapore. 

I still have quite a number of bread pictures so I guess I will post them in different posts. I am such a bread-lover. #nowonderfat

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