Taiwan Eats: Papaya Milk, Shilin Night Market

Papaya, even though it is a fruit, it is not as popular as its fellow fruits like strawberry. I mean, you never hear a song called "Papaya Field Forever" or "Papaya Avalanche" or "Papaya Swings" right? #okaynotfunny

Well if you happen to be a papaya lover, you will rejoice upon the fact that the Taiwanese love to mix papaya and milk. And hence, it's called papaya milk! 木瓜牛奶 (Mùguā niúnǎi)! And to make you even happier, papaya milk can often be found at every night market. Yes, it's that simple.

For instance, there is one at Shilin Night Market. If you walk near the temple inside Shilin Night Market, you will see it soon.

Shilin Night Market Temple Taipei
Look at the sign! Found it, woot!

Papaya Milk Stall at Shilin Night Market Taiwan
Enjoying my 40NTD papaya milk now. Excuse me, slurp! 很好喝 (Hěn hǎo hē/ taste good)!

Taiwan papaya milk

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