Taiwan Eats: Shida Road Bao, Taipei

I never know the name of this stall along Shida Road but this stall sells amazing bao (re: Chinese Bun).

Shida Road Chinese Bun Taipei
They sell so many type of buns from meat buns (肉包/ Ròu bāo), red bean buns (紅豆包/ Hóngdòu bāo) or bamboo shoot meat buns (肉筍包/ Ròu sǔn bāo). I ordered the last one. 

Bamboo Shoot Meat Bun Taipei Shida Road
The bun is big and it is quite filling. It's price? Very fantastic on the average price of NTD25. 

inside bamboo shoot meat bun shida road taipei
This is my favourite food when I am broke in Taipei. Student's life in Taipei can be cruel on wallet you see. =P

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