Taiwan Food: Roast beef and egg roll

Everytime I have dinner with my uncle and aunt who are staying in Taipei, they will make sure I will not go to bed starving. In other words, they will force-feed me until I can make my back to my rented apartment..rolling.

Before I roll back home, they will still give me something to bring back. More food! My uncle said to open it at home. Hmm, I wonder what is this...

I was full but...I opened it anyway the moment I reached home. Voila!! Hello, 牛肉蛋餅 (Niúròu dàn bǐng)!

Beef Egg Roll Taiwan
Oh, why were there only 3 pieces left? I ate one obviously. LOL. This one is not bad, seems like a Taiwanese version of wrap. Hahaha.

beef egg roll taiwan breakfast
You can buy this food at any breakfast stall in Taiwan. Seems to be one of the more popular item among the local. 

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