Taiwan Travel: Taipei Expo Park, Yuanshan

We happened to stumble upon this exhibition place called Taipei Expo Park when we visited Yuanshan to see lantern festival (click here).

Taipei Expo Park
The entrance fee to the exhibition is free so we just made our way in. And to our surprise, the place is filled with quirky figures. 

Taipei Expo Park Exhibition Taiwan
While some are easy to figure, others are not necessarily so. Well I guess we can tell that these are porcelain pandas. 

Porcelain pandas Taipei Expo Park
While these are ducks in bright colours. Hey, not bad right? Our artistic eyes. XD

Bright Colors Ducks Taipei Expo Park
There is a small stadium just outside Taipei Expo Park. Hmm, I think we went there near V-day. Otherwise, I could not find better reason to put a heart symbol there. <3

Yuanshan Stadium Taipei
A lot of planes passing by on top of us because this place is located near Songshan Airport. The sky looks bleak on that day though. 

Flight from Songshan Airport Taipei
To check out what's happening at Taipei Expo Park, you can visit their website here.

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