Transportation in Singapore: How to go from Changi Airport to city area?

This is your pilot speaking "Welcome to Singapore."

Okay, you have landed, taken your baggage and ready to set your feet in this tiny island of Singapore. But, how to go from Changi Airport to your destination? No worries, transportation in Singapore can be considered top-notch and here are your options:

1. Taxi from Changi Airport

The most convenient way to reach your destination from the airport is by taking a cab. Simply look for the "Taxi" sign after you exit the custom area (i.e. the baggage claiming area).

Taxi to city from Changi Airport Singapore
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However, do note that there will be a surcharge imposed on the taxi ride from airport to city. For instance: S$5 added to your fare between 5pm to 12am (Fridays to Sundays), S$3 added for all other times, 50% of total fare added from 12am to 6am (daily). Do not be overwhelmed by the length of the taxi queue as the line usually moves quite fast in Singapore. Taxi fare to city usually ranges around S$20 to S$40, depend on the traffic and destination. 

2. Train from Changi Airport

If you reach Changi Airport between 6am to 10pm, you may be in time to catch the train to city. You can look for the "Train to City" sign and follow the direction which will bring you to the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Changi Airport. 

Train to city from Changi Airport Singapore
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However, you need to transfer train at Tanah Merah MRT Station (2 stops away from Changi Airport MRT) to board the train which will bring you to the city. Last train from Tanah Merah to city will depart around 11.18pm. Taking train is definitely cheaper than taxi but there is a time constraint and you will need to tow your luggages around. This may be a big obstacle during peak period where you will be squeezed like sardines in a can inside the MRT. 

3. Public and shuttle bus from Changi Airport

To be honest, since the above two ways has been working quite well for me, I've never taken the public bus and shuttle bus. The shuttle bus as far as I know, will not bring you all the way to the city. So I don't think you need to consider that at all. While for the public bus, there is only one bus i.e. bus no 36 that goes to the city. And the bus will not have special space for your luggage, so yeah, I don't think this last option is very convenient for tourists. 

Hope you have a good time in Singapore! =)

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