Wander in Indonesia: Kuta Beach, Bali

We ate so much during our trip to Bali. So much until we don't know what to do when our tummy is full. So...that's the reason why we ended up visiting Kuta Beach at 2PM in the afternoon.

Kuta Beach Bali Island In the Afternoon

The timing kinda explains why there were not many people on the beach. Anyone wanna play a counting game? Count the number of people spotted in the picture below. Hehe. 

Kuta Beach Bali Island

It's okay though, I can freely take picture as if Kuta Beach is my own private beach. #dream #wistfulthinking

Kuta Beach Bali Island Indonesia

Kuta Beach is linked to Discovery Shopping Mall. There are a number of hotels located pretty near to this shopping mall. 

Discovery Shopping Mall Kuta Beach Bali Island

After we finished strolling the hot sandy beach, we went inside the shopping mall and...ended up eating again at Sour Sally. There are no calories in yoghurt, right? 

Sour Sally Yoghurt Discovery Shopping Mall Kuta

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