Wander in Indonesia: Pura Tanah Lot (Tanah Lot Temple), Bali Island

My friend just mentioned about visiting Bali this summer. This kinda brings back the memories of our journey together 10 years ago. But I did visit Bali 3 years ago so I guess I have "more recent" pictures to share with you. One of the most popular tourist attraction in Bali is definitely the famous Pura Tanah Lot.

Pura Tanah Lot Bali Entrance

Pura Tanah Lot complex is actually a sacred area where believer pray to their god. So you may need to show some respect here even though the area is mostly commercialised nowadays. 

Balinese praying at Pura Tanah Lot Bali Island

With that being said, if you are willing to spend some money, the guide will bring you inside the temple and show (or even let you participate in) the religious ceremony. I did mention about the commercial part earlier, right?

Religious ceremony at Pura Tanah Lot Bali Island

Opposite this side, that's where the Pura Tanah Lot lies. There's a legend said that a big huge snake live on that island where Pura Tanah Lot built. Well some tourists do say that the island is really full of snakes. 

Pura Tanah Lot Bali Island Indonesia

If you visit Pura Tanah Lot during the low tide, you can cross the pathway and make your way to Pura Tanah Lot. As you can see in the picture, we came during the high tide. Oh well. 

High Tide at Pura Tanah Lot Bali Island

If you wonder whether you can do some shopping in Bali...you must really come to Pura Tanah Lot. The reason being in order to reach the area that I show you above, you must go through a huge market selling whatever goods they can sell, balinese shorts, keychains, peanuts, clothes, swimwear, shawl, sunglasses, hats, etc etc...the list goes on. 

Pura Tanah Lot Market Bali Island

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