Wander in Indonesia: Sunset watching at Ku de Ta, Bali

Bali has a number of places to watch sunset, especially if you are willing to splurge. If budget is not an issue for you, you may want to consider do sunset watching at one of the bars along Seminyak called Ku De Ta.

Ku de Ta Seminyak Bali Island

Ku de Ta has indoor and outdoor area. But if you specifically go to Ku de Ta for sunset watching, you may need to come earlier to save your seat. As you can see, this is the view of the outdoor area around 5.30ish. Barely any place left for you to sit. The waiter told us that some customers came as early as 3pm in the afternoon. My goodness.

Ku de Ta Seminyak Bali Sunset Watching Spot

You always have the option to sit on the private beach area belongs to Ku de Ta though. 

Ku de Ta Seminyak Bali Private Beach

I always feel a tad melancholic whenever I saw a pretty sunset. Thanks God for the beautiful nature. 

Sunset at Ku De Ta Seminyak Bali Indonesia

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