When is the best time to visit Taiwan?

The best time to visit Taiwan is anytime except from June to October, because the region is often hit by typhoon during those months. =S

But anyway, this is what I experienced during my short stay in Taipei.

Spring (March - April)

The temperature is still cold until early April (below 20 degrees celsius). However, it will not drop until freezing temperature. That's why you seldom find heater in any accommodation or houses in Taiwan. It often rains during this season too.

Flowers start blooming and this is the best season to visit Yangmingshan to see the sakura.

Summer (May - August)

I've already started drinking bubble tea on daily basis when the month changed to May. The weather during summer time is humid and hot. There's no way you can walk outside without sweating. Bubble tea will be your beloved companion in this season. To make matters worse, typhoon is often passing through the island in the summer. 

The sunrise at Alishan is nice to view in this season though. 

Alishan Sunrise Taiwan
Autumn (September - November)

Typhoon still occasionally visits the island in September and October. But there should be none in November. So if you plan to visit Taiwan when the weather is cooler, November may be the best time since the temperature is hovering around 20 degrees celsius. I have not visited Taiwan in this period yet. But my friends who have travelled there in November all came back with smiles. =)

Winter (December - February)

There is no Christmas holiday in Taiwan, however, the shops will still be decorated with Christmas decorations. If you happen to visit Taiwan in January or February, do take note of the Lunar New Year dates as there will be many restaurants which close for business. Taiwan's winter is usually around 10 degrees celsius so you will not need those winter coat as thick as the ones people wear in Western countries. December is tend to be a dry month although rains can happen practically anytime in Taiwan.

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