Bali Eats: Hotel Breakfast at Grand Aston Bali Beach Resort, Tanjong Benoa

Do you look forward to hotel breakfast when you are staying in one? I can be categorised as those people who do that. Not everyday you can eat breakfast in buffet style right? No wonder I gained weight after my Bali trip.

1. Bacon Fried Noodle Red Bean Fried Sausage Potato Wedges and Frech Toast (omg I am a glutton I know!)

Hotel Breakfast at Aston Tanjong Benoa Bali

2. A mix of patisseries 

Hotel Breakfast Aston Tanjong Benoa Patisserie

3. Another round of patisseries (the croissants are heavenly)

Hotel Aston Tanjong Benoa Croissant Breakfast

4. Pancakes and crepes

Pancakes and crepes Breakfast Aston Tanjong Benoa

5. Carving show

The chef is basically hired to show his carving skill during breakfast time everyday. Well, he's good! 

While it may not be necessary to eat breakfast in hotel (Bali is one awesome culinary island), it is quite an enjoyable experience to have one in Bali's hotel. So you can consider to book a room with breakfast included. =) #ijustlovetoeat

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