Taiwan Aborigines Dance Show in Taitung, Taiwan

If you are wondering what do tourists do in Taitung, well, for a start, they watch dance show in Taitung. A tribal dance, to be exact.

Formosa Aboriginal Dance Show Taitung Taiwan
Taiwanese recognize the existence of the ethnic minority which they refer to as "Taiwanese Aborigines". In general, the ethnic minority looks like Mongolian rather than Chinese I suppose. The Aboriginal culture is preserved by the Taiwanese government and you can see quite a number of them at some location, for instance, Taitung and Wulai. 

The dance is quite fun to watch because it needs a lot of teamwork to perform. The dancers ask participation from the audience too e.g. clapping and cheering. 

Taiwanese Formosan Tribal Dance
Not only that, toward the end of the dance, the dancers will start to drag some crowd from the audience to dance together with them. Go join them if you want to have some fun. =)

Taitung Formosa Aboriginal Dance Show
After the performance ends, you can take a picture with the performers. Not sure if an additional fee is required. I did not take picture with them because we are pressed for time and hence, must rush back to our bus tour immediately after the performance's ended. XD

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