Hong Kong Travel: Mid Level Escalator, Central

Hong Kong movies, Korean variety shows and Hollywood movie have chosen the Central mid-levels escalator and walkway system as one of their filming location. Starting with Chungking Express way back in 1994 from Batman movie in 2008. So today, let's make our own movie here.

Central Mid-Level Escalators Hong Kong
You can see the typical Hong Kong style of building (which is a combination of shops and accommodation) from the escalator. 

Hong Kong Buildings from Central Mid Level Escalator
Can you imagine someone doing action and jump from one building to the next one? 

Hong Kong City Viewed from Central Mid Level Escalator
You can come out from the mid level escalator at any point since there are a lot of bisecting streets along the way. One of the exit will lead you to Gage Street, where the famous Lan Fong Yuen is located. 

Lan Fong Yuen Gage Street Central Hong Kong
Please see the menu while we take a moment of break to sip our Hong Kong milk tea. Slurp. #intermezzo

Lan Fong Yuen English Menu Hong Kong
When we made our way back to the escalator, we stumbled upon 7-11 store which happened to have a World Cup LINE promotion that time. Why 7-11 in Singapore never collaborate with LINE? Why??? I want my Brown Cony Sally Moon and James. U_U.

Hong Kong World Cup 7-11 LINE Promotion
Oh right, if you are wondering where should you go to ride the mid level escalator. There are a few streets that you can go (other than Gage Street above) such as:

1. Queen's Road Central
2. Stanley Street
3. Wellington Street

To be honest we turned on our GPS to find our way here but I guess the above streets can be a good start to trace the mid-level escalators down. =)

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