Macau Eats: Portuguese Egg Tarts, Senado Square

If you are an egg-tart lover, Macau is your paradise. Para-para-paradise!!! #okayIshouldstoplisteningtoColdplay

Egg tarts at Senado Square Macau
There are a lot of egg tarts stall along the way from Senado Square to the Ruins of St Paul's. The above stall has a smiley egg tart as its logo so we were kinda curious. And decided to try it. 

Macau Egg Tart sold at Senado Square Macau
We also bought lemon tea because the weather was damn hot that day. 

Lemon Tea Macau Portuguese Egg Tarts Senado Square
I can't really differentiate egg tarts but I can say the egg tarts sold in Macau are way better than normal egg tarts sold in Singapore. I wonder if it's because the egg tarts are baked Portuguese syle? 

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