Macau Travel: Hotel Lobby, The Venetian Macao Resort

First, I am so sorry that I only do a hotel review as far as its lobby because well, I did not have budget to spend the night at The Venetian when I visited Macau. #moneynotenough

But anyway, maybe the grand lobby alone is enough to pique your interest to stay in the Venetian? For a start, the lobby is so grand, it can be considered one of the grandest hotel lobbies I've ever seen (okay, I guess the fact that I stayed mostly in budget hotel kind make this easily..the grandest). =P

The Grand Lobby at the Venetian Macau Resort
If you look up, you will see the details of the painting on the ceiling. Looks like we are in some kind of an imperial palace, right?

Ceiling of hotel lobby The Venetian Macao
At the end of the long hall, there lies the symbol of the Venetian Resort. It kinda looks like some kind of grail. Do I watch too many anime lately? =P (re: Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works)

The Venetian Hotel Lobby Statue Macau
A cute mascot (related to water preservation movement I think) was busy doing photo-shoot and shaking hands with kids. 

Mascot at the Venetian Macao Resort
I heard the room size is very spacious and some of my friends and relatives who had spent the night before mentioned about the good review (lucky them!). If you are interested to find out more about the hotel, you can check the reviews at Tripadvisor here.

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