Macau Travel: Monte Fort

Historically built as Portuguese military centre in Macau, Monte Fort still stands until today and it has become part of UNESCO World Heritage of Macau. We need to further climb the hill to be able to see the whole fort which has become a museum now. So for now, we can only see the wall of the fort. XD

Macau Monte Fort Wall
The entrance to the fort. The weather was so hot and humid that time. We went in the month of August.

Monte Fort Macau Entrance
A statue of Virgin Mary is spotted few steps from the entrance. 

Monte Fort Statue of Virgin Mary Macau
It's really tiring to climb under the hot weather but finally, we made it to Monte Fort which is now also known as Museu de Macau. 

Museu de Macau Monte Fort Macau
Random shot to show that we are feeling the fort's atmosphere. LOL.

Travel to Monte Fort Macau
To show that this place is really used to be a fort, the cannons are still well-maintained here. 

Monte Fort Cannons Macau
From the top of the hill, you can also see the panoramic view of Macau. Without really setting on the cannons, of course. =P

Monte Fort is located at the hill on the right side of the Ruins of St Paul's. You can follow the sign and climb the hill to reach the fort on the top of the hill. 

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