Singapore Cafe: Cafe Meow, Far East Square

There is a new bubble tea cafe for office peeps working near Raffles Place or Chinatown. It's called Cafe Meow and it really looks like a Korean cafe.

Cafe Meow Far East Square Raffles Place
Cafe Meow serves taro ball dessert and bubble teas. 

Cafe Meow Drinks Menu Far East Square Singapore
The design of the cafe is quite nice and cozy with all the pretty flowers. 

Cafe Meow Raffles Place Singapore
More flowers spotted near the cashier. Cafe Meow offers opening promotion by giving 20% off. 

Cafe Meow Far East Square Opening Promotion
I ordered hazelnut milk tea with 30% sugar level. When I drink it, I feel like this drink is given to poison people (or at least with the intention to make someone getting diabetes). It's super sweet I'm quite sure the person behind the tea-mixer throw 200% sugar inside the cup. I barely able to taste the hazelnut. Oh and there's no bubbles put in my milk tea. 

Hazelnut Milk Tea Cafe Meow Far East Square Raffles Place
First impression is very important in all kind of business. And Cafe Meow did impress me in a bad way. It's too sweet and I don't think I will come back there at all thanks to that "sweetness". Hope Cafe Meow is able to adjust the sugar level to the humane level. U_U.

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