Singapore Cafe: Criollo Cocoa Cafe, Orchard Gateway

I had an agreement with a friend to keep on trying new cafe every time we have chance to catch up with each other (she's a busy person while I, on the other hand, merely keep socialising at minimum level..uhm..). #ansos

So, on this day where I have the energy (and the willingness) to socialise, we went to Orchard Gateway and tried a hidden cafe there called Criollo Cocoa Cafe.

Criollo Cocoa Cafe Orchard Gateway Singapore

The cafe is kinda hidden because it is located right below the connecting bridge between Orchard Gateway and the other side of the building. Okay, I don't know if the connecting bridge has been opened to public yet. 

View from Criollo Cocoa Cafe Orchard Gateway Singapore

We ordered fried calamari to share as an appetiser. I realised our appetiser is usually either calamari or truffle fries. XD

Fried Calamari Criollo Cocoa Cafe Orchard Gateway Singapore

I tried the chicken pomodoro spaghetti. I had a bit of difficulty recognising the chicken pieces because they are exceptionally chopped and hidden under the pasta. 

Chicken Pomodoro Spaghetti Criollo Cocoa Cafe Singapore

My friend ordered chicken chop served with fries. The chicken chop tastes better than the pomodoro pasta. 

Chicken Chop Criollo Cocoa Cafe Singapore

The atmosphere of the cafe is quite nice but the quality of the food is so-so. Well, if you are tired from shopping around Orchard area and want to sit down and relax, you can consider coming to Criollo Cocoa Cafe. We have not had the chance to try their drinks too. Maybe next time. 

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