Singapore Eats: Alt. Pizza, Suntec City

You ain't gonna run out of options of eating pizza in Singapore. Basically you can easily buy from one slice of pizza to a pan of pizza. Awesome, right? Everyone's needs are covered in Singapore.

But today, I am not alone (#finallynotforeveralone) so we can try out another pizza joint in Suntec City, Alt. Pizza.

Alt Pizza Suntec City City Hall Singapore
Alt Pizza offers freedom for its customers to DIY their pizzas. But if you are the dunno-what-make-a-good-pizza bunch, you can always order their signature pizzas. Less decision-making required. 

Alt Pizza Suntec City Menu City Hall
We are the latter bunch so we ordered Alt. Pizza's signature pizzas. Crabby Ninja and Free Bird (if I am not mistaken). 

Crabby Ninja and Free Bird Alt. Pizza Suntec City Singapore
The Crabby Ninja. 

The Crabby Ninja Alt Pizza Suntec City Singapore
and the Free Bird.

Free Bird Alt Pizza Suntec City Singapore
Alt. Pizza had one for one promotion when we ate there. So happy! Both pizzas taste not bad, the pizza texture is more on the thin and crusty type compared to the thick side. Alt. Pizza is located at the al fresco area of Suntec City. If you are lost, you just need to find which Suntec City's entrance is directly facing Millenia Walk. 

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