Singapore Eats: Aussie Roll, Chevron House

Rice roll is like the best thing to have when you are in a hurry. And it's not difficult to make one since you basically just need to roll the rice together with the ingredients and the seaweed. I guess that's the reason why Aussie Roll's business is thriving right at the basement level of Chevron House.

Aussie Roll Chevron House Singapore
Aussie Roll offers so many type of rice rolls. It caters for both non-vegetarian and vegetarian customers.

Aussie Roll Menu Singapore Chevron House
On my first try, I bought salmon avocado roll and tuna avocado roll. Both are yummy! =)

Salmon Avocado Roll and Tuna Avocado Roll at Aussie Roll
On my second try, I realised that Aussie Roll has 3 for 2 promotion every night which starts after 6pm. This round I tried the salmon cream cheese, chili calamari and fried ebi roll. All the rice rolls are nice. 

Salmon cheese roll, calamari roll and fried ebi roll at Aussie Roll
One roll costs around S$2.6 to S$2.80 depends on the filling. They have several tables and seats so customers can opt for dine in if they prefer to. 

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