Singapore Eats: Bornga, The Star Vista

"Good memory. Today, tomorrow, always."

Bornga Korean Restaurant Star Vista Singapore
It was actually our friend's birthday that day. And since our beloved friend loves to eat meat so much, we decided to treat her at Bornga so that she can have bbq meat to her heart's content. Oh gosh, the beef slices are already looking so yummy before the grilling session began. 

Beef Bulgogi Slice BBQ Bornga Star Vista
You eat your meat by wrapping the meat inside the greens. Balanced diet I call them. 

Bornga Vegetables for Meat Wrap
We shared naengmyeon too (i.e. cold noodle). This is the first time I tried Korean cold noodle and it tastes good. =)

Bornga Star Vista Naengmyeon Singapore
The meal comes with a lot of side dishes. More greens to consume. Sesame sauce is used as the salad dressing and I love it. =)

Salad Side Dish Bornga Star Vista Singapore
Mash potato. Another favourite side dishes. 

Mash Potato Bornga Star Vista Singapore
We seldom see kimchi radish but Bornga serves this as one of the side dishes. Best consumed together with the cooked meat. 

The total bill does not come cheap at S$90 for 3 people but I guess it is nearly impossible to find cheap Korean BBQ in Singapore. Bornga has two branches in Singapore e.g. the Star Vista and Vivo City. 

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