Singapore Eats: Coco Ichibanya, 313 Somerset

Recently there are more and more famous Japanese restaurant franchise popping up in Singapore. In terms of Japanese curry, there are two names worth mentioned. One is CoCo Ichibanya while the other one is Ginza Bairin. 

CoCo offers a set menu which consists of a drink, a bowl of salad and the curry rice. Since it was my first try, I decided to get a set meal. Iced lemon tea is my choice of drink. 

Iced Lemon Tea Coco Ichibanya 313 Somerset Singapore
The greens are served with sesame sauce. I love sesame sauce. This makes me wonder is sesame sauce is fattening because whatever I love to eat is usually fattening. #sadworld

Sesame Salad Coco Ichibanya 313 Somerset Orchard
I ordered a cheese pork katsu curry rice. You can choose the spicy level of the curry sauce and the quantity of the rice. But do note that you must top up if you want to upsize the rice or want to increase the spicy level of the sauce. Boo~~

Cheese Pork Katsu Curry Rice Coco Ichibanya 313 Somerset
My dinner companion chose chicken karage omelet curry rice. The curry sauce is the same for both dishes so I guess it's a matter of choosing what would you like to have with the curry sauce. 

Cheese Pork Katsu Curry Rice Coco Ichibanya 313 Somerset
CoCo Ichibanya has expanded to a few locations all around Singapore. The one I ate is located at basement level of 313 Somerset. There are another branches located at Bugis+ and The Star Vista. 

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