Singapore Eats: Poulet, Raffles City

Poulet is a French restaurant in Singapore which serves roasted chicken as its main menu. It's sprouting here and there especially in the shopping mall like Vivo City and Raffles City. But the price of the roasted chicken is somewhat outside my friend and I's budget that one fine day. So we tried the other things that Poulet offers on its menu.

1. Country Side Mushroom Soup (S$5.80) (taste surprisingly good, better than those served at Soup Spoon)

Poulet Country Side Mushroom Soup Singapore
2. Chicken and Fig Marmalade Sandwich (S$8.80) (we could not really appreciate the taste of fig in our meal)

Chicken and Fig Marmalade Sandwich Poulet Singapore
3. Granny Smith Chicken and Egg Mayo Sandwich (S$8.80) (I prefer this sandwich than the fig one. And it's kinda filling too.)

Poulet Chicken and Egg Mayo Sandwich Singapore
If you are interested in trying Poulet, you can find them at Raffles City, Bugis+, Westgate and Vivo City. 

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