Singapore Eats: Ramen Burger, Travelling C.O.W.

If you are the type of person who can't really decide between ramen or burger, be glad because the day where ramen and burger can be eaten together has come. Travelling C.O.W. (Chef On Wheels) is a food truck style food provider which moves from one place to another in Singapore.

The Travelling COW Food Truck Singapore
Travelling C.O.W. serves ramen burgers. And this is the only reason why I am willing to walk somewhere around Alexandra area on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Not everyday you can easily find ramen burgers. 

The Travelling COW Ramen Burgers Singapore
Luckily we don't have to sit outside under the pouring rain. There is a covered eating area in the vicinity which we can use to eat our ramen burgers. 

Alexandra Ramen Burger Travelling COW Singapore
You need to get the cutlery from the food truck too.

The Travelling COW Cutlery Singapore
My friend ordered the bulgogi beef ramen burger. 

Bulgogi Beef Ramen Burger Singapore
While I ordered the spicy BBQ chicken ramen burger. 

Spicy BBQ Chicken Ramen Burger Singapore
Ramen burger is a total carbo overload. Since the crispy noodles are used as the substitute for the buns in normal burger, this means you will eat 2 portion of noodles + the meat. I guess this invention calls for more exercise to set off the calorie intake. XD

Taste wise, it's nice when it is consumed immediately as the noodles still have its crispy textures. It won't be that nice when the noodles have absorbed the meat sauce and hence, become soggy. 

If you want to know where the Travelling COW is stationed at the moment, you can follow their facebook page here.

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