Singapore Eats: Todai, Marina Bay Sands

"I'm a big fan of all you can eat plans, because they are simpler for customers."

Todai Buffet Map Marina Bay Sands
If you agree with the quote, you may try to have an all-you-can-eat experience at Todai when you are visiting Marina Bay Sands. Todai serves international cuisine buffet. 

It has cooked food station.

Todai Cooked Food Station Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Dim sum. Sorry, I am a bit lazy to open all the lid. But Todai has the basic dim sum which is usually served in most international buffet in Singapore e.g. pork dumpling and roasted pork buns.

Todai Dim Sum Marina Bay Sands Singapore
The fried food station. I don't know why they serve so little fried items here but the waiters/ waitresses do refill the food station.

Fried Food Station at Todai Marina Bay Sands Singapore
The dessert bar. Looks very delish, aren't they? =P

Todai Dessert Bar Marina Bay Sands Singapore
The most important food station in Todai is definitely the Alaskan Crab station. Which always attacked by the diners whenever the station has just refilled by the chef. #kiasuism

Todai Alaskan King Crab Buffet Marina Bay Sands
Todai also serves soft-served ice cream. I dunno why my ice cream looks like poo seriously. 

Todai Soft-served ice cream Marina Bay Sands
Todai is located at the ground floor of Shoppes Marina Bay Sands (at the end of the way where Sephora is located). The pricing for the buffet can be found here.

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