Singapore Eats: Togi Charcoal BBQ & Salad Bar, TripleOne Somerset

Some of my friends have been hit by the K-wave and since our bank account is not big enough to sponsor us making a trip to K-land, we make ourselves happy by eating Korean food. And it's a good thing that there are a lot of Korean restaurants opening a business in Singapore. Today, we're going for Togi at TripleOne Somerset. Let's see how good Togi's temptation is.

Togi Korean Restaurant TripleOne Somerset
The complimentary tea and mandatory side dishes have arrived while we are still flipping the menu book. 

Togi Korean Restaurant Side Dishes Somerset
We are sharing a plate of seafood pancake. The pancake is okay. 

Seafood Pancake at Togi Korean Restaurant Somerset
And a big pot of Budae Jiggae (also known as Army Stew). 

Budae Jiggae at Togi Korean Restaurant Somerset
This dish is famous in Korea because it's apparently famous amongst the Korean army when they are serving the nation. It's basically a flavored hotpot (usually kimchi) where you can just dump anything inside the pot. You can see there are sausages, ramen, and some veggies inside the brimming pot. While I appreciate the concept, the portion is so big. It's better for sharing among a number of friend, and not just two people. Hahaha. 

Army Stew at Togi Korean Restaurant Somerset Orchard
If you are interested to try Togi, you can go to TripleOne Somerset (the building straight behind Somerset 313). Togi is located at the 2nd floor of TripleOne Somerset.

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