Singapore F1 GP: Friday Walkabout Race Day

This post has been overdue for slightly more than 6 months. #tardyblogger

Back then, my friends and I decided to give 2014's Formula 1 a go as it happened that Mayday (a Taiwanese rock band) performed at Padang Stage. After I booked the tickets for the three of us, I had to go to Singpost at ION Orchard to collect the passes. A few numbers to wait until my number was called there are.

Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix Friday Walkabout Passes
On the race day, we went to Gate 3. There are a lot of gates where you can enter the racing area but since one of my friends is experienced in watching F1, we decided to let her lead us. Gate 3 can be reached from City Hall MRT Station. 

Gate 3 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix City Hall
If you are lost inside the racing area, there are a lot of signs to guide you. 

Singapore Formula 1 Direction Guide
If you are wondering whether you can watch F1 race from the walkabout area, well, this is the most you can see. And considering F1 cars' speed, you can probably only catch a glimpse of them passing by. The sound is real loud and makes the atmosphere so happening though. 

Friday Walkabout Area Singapore F1 Race Day
There is no race on Friday night, only practice. So we went further to the Padang stage to check out where to go when it's near the timing for Mayday to perform. The performance for Friday race day starts around 10 plus right after the final practice session ends.

Padang Grandstage Singapore Formula 1 Race
There are a lot of activities that you can check out around the stage while waiting for the performance. Will list them down in my next post. =)

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