Singapore F1 GP: What to do in the F1 walkabout area?

There are a lot of things that you can do even if you only buy the F1 walkabout area ticket. Do note that the feeling inside the racing area will be hot and humid (but I guess it's better than raining cats and dogs). So keep yourself hydrated while exploring the area.

1.  Buy F1 merchandise

Formula 1 Singapore Merchandise Store
F1 merchandises are not cheap. Period. But if you love F1, you will feel great to wear your favourite team's tee or cap now won't you? =P

2. Play the simulator game (which I always fail at)

Simulator Game Formula 1 Singapore Race Night
First time playing this game and I got a black flag. Great start. I am so not gonna be hired by Ferrari.

3. Experience the pit-stop moment

Experience pit-stop tyre changing Singapore Formula 1
You can learn and try to change the wheel to a new one. This is not as easy as it sounds. But no worry, a group of "mechanics" are there to help you when you are stuck. 

4. Get yourself a complimentary racing cars tattoos

Singapore Formula 1 Complimentary Tattoos
If you want to get the tattoos, I suggest you come to this tattoo drawing station early. It's simply because...

The queue line for complimentary Singapore F1 tattoos
The queue is kinda long. And a lot of people getting not one not two but three tattoos altogether. I got the car on my hand. Va Va Voom! (the tattoo will last for two days or faster if you keep scrubbing it with soaps).

5. And finally, go secure your spot to watch the performance

Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix Friday Night Padang Stage
This will be quite a difficult (near impossible) task as the hardcore fan club will secure the front rows. But anyway, standing near the front will make it difficult for you to go back to the MRT station once the performance is over. 

Mayday Singapore F1 2014 Grand Prix Concert
Now let's just join the fun, open our mouth and sing OAOA! Woot!

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