Singapore Travel: Behind the scenes view of Gardens by the Bay

Deep inside the Cloud Forest dome, there is an open area which exhibit different kind of stalactites and stalagmites.

I always imagine a castle made from stalagmites and there lives a hidden kingdom who rules over the seas. I guess I watched too many Game of Thrones. XD

Stalagmites at Cloud Forest Gardens by the Bay
Seriously, don't they look like a castle?

Stalagmite Exhibition at Cloud Forest Gardens by the Bay
There is a room behind the open area which shows how many days remaining before Christmas. Gosh, I visited Gardens by the Bay way back in 2012. Time flies!

Counting down to Christmas at Gardens by the Bay
At certain timing, the screen will play a documentary showing how nature works in general. 

Documentary about nature at Cloud Forest Gardens by the Bay
The documentary video also shows how Gardens by the Bay is designed. Especially its irrigation system. 

Documentary about design of Gardens by the Bay
It is quite amazing feat for the designer and architect to be able to come up with such design. I recommend you to watch the documentary when you visit Cloud Forest. 

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