Singapore Travel: Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay

"Keep your head in the clouds, if that's where you need it to be."

Cloud Forest Dome Gardens by the Bay

Different from the neighbouring Flower Dome, stepping into Cloud Forest gives you the sensation that you are going through a dungeon high above the clouds covered by greens. 

Cloud Forest View at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

At certain point of the path, there is a pond decorated with all kind of green plants. Beautiful scene. 

Cloud Forest Pond Gardens by the Bay

The tropical forest kind of plants can be found in Cloud Forest.  

Tropical Forest at Cloud Forest Gardens by the Bay

Flowers do exist in Cloud Forest too. A beautiful white and purple flower. 

The feeling inside Cloud Forest is refreshing. I wonder if it's because of the mist that they keep blowing in the dome. If you want to check Cloud Forest out, you can read my previous post here for ticket pricing and direction. 

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