Singapore Travel: Walking alongside Singapore River, Boat Quay

Being historically known as one of the famous quays in the old days, Boat Quay is now know for its stretch of restaurants and pubs alongside the Singapore River.

Boat Quay Singapore River
As you can see, Singapore River is definitely not known for its clear water (the water is brown??). Okay, anyway, let's not focus on the colour of the river. Ahem. 

If you are lazy to walk from one quay to another quay (e.g. from Boat Quay to Clarke Quay), you can cruise along the Singapore River by taking the water taxi. 

Singapore River Boat Quay Water Taxi
I guess the view will be nicer when the sky is not so grey. That day was not a clear-blue-sky kind of day. But then again, those clear-blue-sky days are seldom spotted in Singapore. =(

Cruising along Singapore River from Boat Quay
After enjoying the riverview, we started to take a look at our surrounding. And to our shock, there's a statue of a fat bird. So random! =P

Fat bird statue at Boat Quay Raffles Place Singapore
During Christmas period, the river side will be decorated too (probably sponsored by UOB?).

Christmas Decoration at Boat Quay Singapore
When you are hungry or feel to chill down, you can walk to the row full of shophouses which serve as restaurants and pubs along the Singapore River. 

Boat Quay Restaurants and Pubs Singapore
The area is usually crowded on a weekend because of the football/rugby games too because the pubs usually show the big matches live. And it's sure gonna get rowdy and loud here. Go show up in your favourite team's jersey and join the crowd. =)

How to go to Boat Quay: 

1. Take MRT to Raffles Place MRT
2. Come out from Exit G
3. You will be able to see the river after you come out from the MRT, if you want to to the restaurants/ pubs stretch of road, you need to walk around 5 minutes to the left side

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